We are a modern metal-industry company focusing on the production of parts as well as providing services in the range of machining steel, color metals as well as plastic. It has been since 1995 that P.W. Metrol has been meeting your expectations by realization of workshop deliveries to domestic and foreign investors.


Since the conception of our company, the primary objective has remained to achieve the highest productivity and keeping machining materials at their most precise. For the purpose of producing construction elements, we utilize the most up-to-date tool industry solutions. We deal with single or mass order services applying high-tolerance and high-class performance.


Our trump is CNC machining of precision tooling as well as mechanical parts. Utilizing the latest production support systems enables us to guarantee top quality. Our machine park and qualified staff is the best assurance of the highest quality of services provided.


We vouch for keeping deadlines and top quality of our products. We offer competitive pricing for our customers. We are experienced in the field of production which is proven by the wide range of products that  are at times outsourced. We specialize in production of mechanical parts for prototype projects.

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